The success of digital technology is shaping the way information is exchanged and one way to stay on top of a rapidly changing market is to implement a business strategy that maximizes the synergies between lifelong learning and workforce productivity. Without appropriate technological support, training programs appear to be less effective. Research has shown that E-Learning proves to be an excellent way to achieve quality results in a short timeframe. Online-delivered learning, within a context of continuous education, is considered strategic.

Like many corporate industries the world over, corporations have to respond to waves of change by seeking innovative pathways and crossing new frontiers into the fundamentally different education landscape of the 21st century. The last decade has seen unprecedented shifts in the education and skills development landscape with the rise of ICTs and education technologies causing indisputable changes in the practice and presence of training and development institutions. Rapid growth of online distance education worldwide prompted the need to revise delivery structures and re-think pedagogical practices.

Training development:

We apply the principles of Information Architecture to all types of Information, including training content, safe work procedures, policies and much more. By providing the user with the Information required in the appropriate way and correct format for the best outcome is our aim. Knowledge is derived from study, experience or instruction. It is our aim to assist our clients to provide knowledge to all their employees/Learners by deriving plans and constructing methods with the best outcome aimed to create a safe work environment and complying with the required legislation.

Authoring tools:

The people of Africa today seem more than willing to engage with new technologically - based tools to improve their education, knowledge and skills. SCIENG Institute products Authoring tools allow you as an administrator/ training conductor to rapidly produce content modify it through editing or deleting and through new design outlook. Our offering in demand features such as PowerPoint conversion, importing of content to compatible software's using the following external authoring tools Adobe, Articulate, Captivate, Photoshop and PowerPoint etc.

Packaged content:

Purchasing pre-built courseware is ideal for filling universal training needs where off-the-shelf training courses already exist. This method can save a lot of time and money compared to custom training development. SCIENG Institute team has developed over thousands of generic content ready to kick-start your training development and with exclusive support of modification which includes additional Customisation: customised Background, pictures, visual audio, Videos, Animation, Graphics, Technical Support, and Wording etc.


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