Scieng institute of technology (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2015 by Thabang L Kgoetiane as an eLearning and software development company that specializes in developing training software's, 3D virtual reality simulations, authoring tools, HR resources management and reporting software's. Scieng products include CompAss, CHART and Think theory which are training management systems that are used by various clients in the mining, education, construction and training & development industries for skill development, learner management, and performance. Our products most selling point is the ability it gives clients which is to develop, edit, delete or modify their own content without consulting Scieng and the suit is locally developed and programmed to suit South African enviroment and prerequisites with 11 official languages.

Scieng assists start - ups, medium and large enterprises particularly in the Training and Education sector. Our team is focused on client driven solutions that identifies and delivers significant improvement with a high priority placed on value added service


Scieng Corperate vision - Helping clients maximize their training development through reliable systems and methodologies, get more out of skills and performance management and comply with industry requirements.

Our vision shows how clearly the business understands 21st century electronic learning revolution. Most of our acquired products and services have a rich history in revolutionizing traditional training methodologies in various corporations into electronic training that has seen major improvements in information access, productivity, safety culture and learning enviroment.

Grounded on tangible high end user results, these organisations have set a very competitive bar on designing and engineering some of the most important training methodologies and eLearning solution products. Dating as far back as 2006, these products and services have been an integral part of the electronic learning industrialization of many companies, helping them to implement training systems that are effective, easy to use and comply with the MQA requirements, DMR and other relevant industries. The products helped close the knowledge gap enabling the system in place to be user friendly to literate, semi-literate and illiterate employees/learners.

CompAss electronic training system was implemented to various companies which makes use of text, voice over and visual material that facilitates the learning process. The system's rich, multi-sensory delivery system facilitates greater retention of new knowledge. We are a company that has the capacity to tailor specific innovations to specific clients and we continue to be committed to eLearning innovation and technology as our main aim isn't just client satisfaction but to amaze them.


Scieng vision is to see our products and services benefiting the continent of Africa with adequate skills, performance and the ability to compete in areas that will bring growth and sustainability.


Our Mission is to explore advanced prospects that drive productivity and competitiveness, to advance knowledge, educate and train workers and leaners using technology platforms.


Our commitment to our clients is to establish a mutual beneficial long term partnership that allows both parties to grow profitably and sustainably.


We are dedicated to a constructive, team - orientated enviroment, gathering varied perspectives and sharing knowledge.


We strive for operational excellence through the on - going development of our clients.


We listen, respect, and care for our clients, stuff, shareholders, and one another, both professionally and personally.


Creating a shared prosperity represents SCIENG Institute's commitment to ensure that the success of training and education industry brings long term social and economic benefits to the communities and countries where we operate. Creating a shared prosperity is a strategic priority for the Group.

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Our Team

Thabang Kgoetiane

MD, Accounts Manager and Business Administration.

Nick Smuts

Operations Manager and Finance.

Rodney Addo

Designer and Software Developer

Wezi Jezi

Software Developer


Annel Duckles

Instructional Designer. Risk and Safety Consultant.

Sue Kitt

Content Developer.

Debbie Watson

Developer and Designer Training.

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