CompAss Overview

Successful Training is No Accident

No matter why you are training your employees, you need a reliable and consistent method to train and measure knowledge and comprehension. CompAss can transform your training sessions into interactive and dynamic learning experiences and gives you immediate feedback from every learner in the class.


What is CompAss?

CompAss is locallydeveloped anda proudly South African e-Learning Software. It is designed to address training of illiterate, semi-literate trainees through to the other end of the spectrum in upper management. Very basic computer skills suffice in doing the training and assessments.

CompAss Features:

  1. CompAss Designer
  2. CompAss Reporter
  3. CompAss Manager
  4. CompAss User

CompAss is cost effective:

Using CompAss, a trainer can teach any number of trainees at the same time by customizing CompAss programmers to focus only on what trainees needs to learn, training time and costs can be significantly reduced. CompAss may enable you to reduce or eliminate travel for trainees; your total training costs can also be minimized.

CompAss works with an adult population:

CompAss is self-paced, flexible, and individualized:

CompAss is tireless:

CompAss gives trainers increased control over training activities:

CompAss can reduce resource requirements:

CompAss can improve job performance:

CompAss can be a change agent:

Integration of Text, Graphics, Video, and Sound

CompAss's integration of text, graphics, video and sound facilitates the learning process. On average, people remember:

40% Complete (success) 20% of what they see
60% Complete (success) 40% of what they see and hear, and
40% Complete (success) 70% of what they hear, see and do

CBT's rich, multi-sensory delivery system can facilitate greater retention of new knowledge.

This system can also be used to perform surveys as well as for anonymous voting. CompAss will also ease the selection process while procuring by conducting knowledge-based assessment during procurement.

CompAss will provide you with a powerful training and assessment tool that will:

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